Thursday, 12 April 2012

Most Memorable Ads

TV commercials tend to be memorable. They are after all trying to sell us something, and if they weren't memorable they wouldn't work, and someone somewhere in some marketing department would soon be looking for a new job. But there are a few ads that go above and beyond. This here is a list of 14 of what I regard to be the most memorable ads. Your personal list may not be exactly the same but I'm sure there'll be much overlap.

1)Sony Bravia - Bouncing Balls Ad (2005)

2)Wendy's: Where's the Beef? (1984)

Clara Peller's "Where's the Beef" query is what helped make this one of the most memorable fast food tv ads ever.

3)Energizer Bunny (1989)

4)Budweiser: Croaking Frogs (1995)

From a Super Bowl campaign from Anheuser-Busch starring a three talking frogs in a dark swamp croaking: "Bud. Wei. Ser."

5)Im a Mac, and I'm a PC (2006)

6)Chevrolet trucks: Like a Rock (1991)

The song is Like a Rock by Bob Seger.

7)Mentos the Freshmaker (1995)

8)Taco Bell — The Taco Bell Chihuaha (1997)

9)Old Spice (2010)

10)Cadbury - In the Air Tonight (2007)

11)The World Is Just Awesome - Discovery Channel

12)Budweiser - Wassup! (2000)

13)Coca-Cola Classic ad: Mean Joe Green (1979)

14)EDS - Herding Cats (2001)

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